🛠️Create an account and Install Plug-ins

Create your Finch account

  • To get started, visit finch3d.com and select Sign In to create an account and set a password.

Install the Rhino plug-in

• Type Package Manager into the command line

• Search for Finch in the package manager.

• Select the latest version from the drop down menu, install, and restart Rhino.

• After reopening Rhino, type Finch into the command line.

• Log in using your Finch account.

The Finch plug-in is compatible with Rhino versions 7.24 and newer, as well as Rhino 8. If you have an older Rhino version, the newest Finch plug-in releases will not appear in the package manager.

Install the Rhino 6 SR35+ plug-in

  • Unzip the folder.

  • In Rhino 6, type Plugin Manager into the command line.

  • Hit Install and select the Finch.rhp file from the unzipped folder.

  • Hit OK and type Finch into the command line.

Install the Revit 23 & 24 plug-in

Three methods to install:

Install by running our Finch Installer


  • Unzip the folder and run the installer

  • In the pop-up, select Run anyway


  • The installer requires admin mode

  • The installer will automatically uninstall the previous version

• Under the Add-ins tab in the Revit ribbon, select the Finch icon to open the plug-in.

Questions? Reach out to amelia.henry@finch3d.com

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