Tools & Commands

Video Tutorial: Editing


  • Select the walls you would like to mirror.

  • On the context menu, click the Mirror icon.

  • Draw a reflection plane and hit enter.

Smart Rotate

  • Select the walls you would like to smart rotate.

  • Drag the walls (hold Alt to copy) from the desired base point to the new base facade.

  • The walls will rotate to remain perpendicular to the facade wall.

The base point must be snapped to either the inside or outside of the facade wall.


  • Toggle dimensions using shortcut (d).

Walls and Dividers

  • Select the wall tool (w) or space divider tool (s).

  • Click to make your first point, type in a distance (mm) or drag the cursor to the end point, and click again.

  • Press enter to complete the line.

Hold shift while drawing to align to other points.

Draw on multiple floors at once by selecting them in the HUD.


  • Select the door tool (t) and place a door.

  • In the context menu, change the door style in the drop down menu.

  • Change the door width by inputting a new value in the text box.

  • Use the arrow keys to flip and rotate the door position.

Selection Modes


  • Select an end point of wall and drag it, inputting a distance to snap to dimensions. The other wall end point will remain in place.


  • Click once on a wall to select it, holding shift to select multiple. Dragging the selected wall(s) will also move any connecting end points of surrounding walls.


  • Double-click on a wall to select all the connected walls as a group.

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