Grasshopper - Download data

1. Connect to a Finch variant

  • Create a button and panels with the desired project and variant name.

  • Drop a Finch component onto the canvas and connect the panels and button into their respective inputs.

2. Load your Finch Data

  • Drop the building component onto the canvas and connect the Finch Data output to the respective input.

Check out the Hierarchy tab to find all of the components for downloading different types of Finch data, such as the floor plate layout (units) or the apartment unit plans (spaces).

3. Work further with the data in Grasshopper

The following gifs show an example of how you can use the Finch data to create detailed models in Grasshopper.

4. Switch between NIA and GFA

  • Right click on the component to switch between NIA (wall area subtracted) or GFA (wall area included).

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