Adaptive Plan Library

How to build and customize your adaptive plan library.

1. Build your Adaptive Plan Library

  • Draw a unit plan in your project.

  • The plan can be saved as a new plan to your Adaptive Plan Library by selecting Save to Library at the bottom of the right panel.

Pssst... To get some plans in your library quickly, you can save the plans found in this variant of your sample project.

2. Adhere to regulations with constraints

  • Navigate to your plan library by clicking on Plans in the upper menu.

  • Select the desired plan in your library and edit it.

  • Select stretch preview (shift + s) and drag the bounds of the plan to see how it will be stretched or shrunken.

  • Select the constraints (shift + c) button and click on walls that you want to lock, turning them red.

  • Select the stretch preview again to see how the locked walls no longer stretch with the rest of the plan.

AI Users: This plan is included in your organization's dataset, and will be included in future Generate Plan result batches.

Pro & AI Users: This plan will now appear as a result when you Assign Adaptive Plan

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