Add context geometry (Rhino)

Add surrounding buildings, facade details, balconies, nature, etc.

1. Load your variant

  • Select your variant from the Variant drop-down menu and Load.

2. Create custom geometry sub-layers

  • Create sub-layers inside of the custom geometry layer to create display groups with individual display colors and visibility toggles in the web app.

  • Once you have placed your geometry on the correct layers, hit Sync to send it to the web app.

Finch displays only the first level of sub-layers:

custom geometry

context buildings (this layer will be displayed)



  • In this case, Finch will display the layer context buildings as a group containing office and apartments.

  • This feature can be used to show geometries with complexity, such as a building with facade detailing and windows, as one object group with multiple colors.

The display color in Finch is controlled by the layer color in Rhino. If you want green plants and white context buildings, set the plants sub-layer to green and the context buildings sub-layer to white.

4. Toggle visibility in Finch

  • In Finch, toggle the visibility of custom geometry in the Right Panel.

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