Experiencing issues? Reach out to amelia.henry@finch3d.com or via the chat in the web app.

Where is the AI Unit Plan generation?

AI Unit plan generation is currently only available for our strategic AI customers.

Which design softwares are compatible with Finch?

Rhino 6SR35+, 7.24+, 8, Grasshopper, and Revit 23 & 24 (Revit BIM download, Revit massing upload)

ArchiCAD, MicroStation, and Sketchup are not yet supported.

Can I export from Finch to Rhino?

Yes, check out our Export page for more information.

Can I upload from Revit to Finch?

Yes, you can upload Revit conceptual massing.

How do the Finch layers work?

Check out our All about Rhino page for more information.

When will new features be released?

Check out our New Features page for new features and Roadmap page to see what's coming soon.

Which geometries can be uploaded to Finch?

Check out our All about Rhino or All about Revit page for more information.

Can I use Rhino blocks?

Yes, blocks can be uploaded in the custom geometry layer.

Which building typologies and forms function with Finch?

Check out our About page for a table of Finch compatible forms.

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