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Everything you need to know about the Rhino-Finch Plug-in

Finch Layers

Layer Structure

Finch layers are used to sync (send and receive) geometry with Finch. All geometry from Rhino should be placed in the correct corresponding Finch layer in order to be imported into Finch.

There are 7 layers automatically loaded into your layers panel when you use Finch:

Layer namePurpose


The Finch parent layer, should be left empty

building mass

Stores closed building masses (mesh, polysrf, extrusion, brep)


Stores the interior geometry


Stores Finch data


Stores an open polyline that is required to run Generate Floor Plate

custom geometry

Stores custom geometry in sub-layers (all geometry types)

Overwriting Layer Geometry

When a different Finch variant is loaded into Rhino, the previous geometry in the Finch layers is overwritten and replaced with the new geometry. The sync does not affect any geometry outside of the Finch parent layer.

Building Location

Try to keep your building within 1 kilometer of the Rhino origin point. Use the Rhino command What to find the xyz coordinates of your geometry.

Updating the plug-in

Issues with updating the plug-in?

Rhino package manager has issues with updating plug-ins. If your plug-in version hasn't updated after restarting Rhino try the following:

  • Uninstall the Finch Plug-in

  • Restart Rhino

  • Install the newest version of the Finch plug-in

  • Restart Rhino

The update notification can be toggled on/off under the advanced tab of the plug-in.

Plug-in settings

Auto-receive changes

If Auto receive changes from web app is checked, any updates made in Finch will be automatically synced to Rhino. If it is not checked, after working in the web app the Rhino file will need to be synced before making any further edits in Rhino. Otherwise, the Finch and Rhino versions of the project will contain different data and the user will be prompted to choose which version to override when syncing new changes.

Centerline Positioning

When uploading a centerline, be sure that it is one joined line that does not intersect itself or stick outside of the building.

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