Customize your mass

You've gotten your building into Finch- now what?

1. Set story heights

Story heights are controlled directly inside of Finch

  • Double click on the building to enter the Massing Studio

  • Select a story in the building (hold shift to select a range, hold Ctrl to select multiple specific stories).

  • The value in the center of the context menu (3000 mm) is the default story height. Fill in a new height for the selected stories, and the remainder will be calculated and added to the top floor.

  • The Story Height accordion menu on the right panel displays the different story heights and quantities within the building.

2. Set wall widths

  • In the Massing Studio, navigate to the Outer Walls menu at the bottom of the right panel.

  • Input your desired outer wall width and press enter.

3. Assign programs

Programs allow for detailed and customized massing calculations while also providing an overview visualization of the buildingโ€™s makeup.

  • In the Massing Studio, select a range of stories and Assign Program.

  • Select Create new program.

  • Enter a name, and select a color and hit OK.

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