Iterate with variants

1. Duplicate Variant

You can use variants to make multiple design proposals within the same project- this means that they will share all data customization and can be compared for different metrics and performance.

  • Exit the Massing Studio by double clicking outside of the building.

  • Select Duplicate Variant and input a name, hit OK.

2. Create New Variant

Creating a new variant gives you a blank canvas- if you want to have your custom geometry in your new variant, duplicate it instead and delete the building in Rhino.

  • Head out to the project overview by clicking on the Finch Logo in the upper left corner.

  • Here you can find an overview of all variants within your Project.

  • Select Create New Variant and enter a name, hit OK.

3. Edit and sync your new variants

  • In Rhino, Load your new variant from the Variants drop-down menu. Edit the existing mass or add a new mass, and Sync.

4. Set a camera, thumbnail, and sun location

  • In the Display tab of the Right Panel, toggle the Sun. Set a location when prompted and use the sliders to visualize specific dates and times.

  • In the Display tab of the Right Panel, select Set current view as camera to save a view across all variants in a project. This allows you to have thumbnails from the same view.

  • In the Export tab of the Right Panel, select Set current view as thumbnail to set a thumbnail.

5. Navigate between variants

  • In Finch Exterior View, all variants are listed on the Left Panel.

  • Hover and select the different variants to see the Key Figures and compare them.

In the Right Panel, toggle the Parallel Axis Diagram to compare the different variant's data.

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