🌟New Features

Introducing your Adaptive Plan Library

The Adaptive Plan takes your design and makes it fit into 1000 new scenarios without losing your design intent, and making sure it adheres to your local regulations. In Finch Pro, you can now build your library of Adaptive Plans and reuse them in project after project. Never again start from a blank slate. One plan offers endless possibilities. Learn more here.

Check your regulations with the Compliance Panel

Input rules for minimum space sizes into the new compliance panel to get warnings in your project when those rules are broken.

Export Finch furniture to Revit

You can now check Import Furniture to import and create furniture families when downloading your projects into Revit. To access this feature, be sure you update your plug-in to version 0.1.29.


April 2024

Add Stairwell Attractors inside of Finch

You can now add stairwell attractors for the blank slate algorithm directly inside of Finch!

Grid-aware Generation

With the new Grid Lines weight, influence the algorithm to snap to your custom grid lines when generating around a custom core. Find instructions on how to upload grid lines via Revit or Rhino.

March 2024

Simplified Dimensioning

It is now easier than ever to change dimensions: simply click on a dimension and the wall you want to move, and type in the new value.

Structural Grid Lines

Upload grid lines with the grid lines layer (Rhino) or by adding Revit grids, and toggle them on and off inside of Finch for quick snapping.

Multiple towers & tunnels

Finch now supports multiple towers, tunnels and voids! No more splitting up buildings in Rhino or Revit, simply upload your mass with a single click and work with it as normal inside of Finch.

February 2024

Imperial Units

Change your project to imperial in the new Measurement System drop down on the project home page:

Assign plan (Finch AI Users)

Assign specific plans from your own library to a unit by right clicking and hitting Assign Plan, and then search for your desired plan's name.

Array tool

Array walls over a set distance using either auto or custom spacing, allowing you to get identical units quickly.

January 2024

Clearer navigation of levels and linked plans

Clearly understand whether you are in the unit level or the story level, with improved context clues, as well as a menu that informs of linked plans throughout the building.

Smarter wall editing: Auto-trim/extend

Smart wall editing allows dynamic changes of your wall- push and pull segments, and Finch will auto-extend and auto-trim for you as needed.

December 2023

Add stairwell attractor points

Add stairwell attractor points in Rhino or Revit to control which facade the stairwells will generate on when using Generate Floor Plate. Find more information here (Revit) or here (Rhino).

New parametric doors are out!

Customize your doors with multiple styles and parametric sizing.

Generate floor plate in sections

Precision and control at your fingertips! Divide up the building and feed it to the algorithm in parts, allowing you to fine-tune each section to meet specific design criteria and preferences.

November 2023

Generate around a custom core

Seamlessly integrate the "Generate Floor Plate" algorithm with a predefined core, enabling you to start from existing structures or specify core placement requirements.

Visualization of Unit Mix targets

Stay on track with custom unit mix targets, monitoring your progress seamlessly throughout your design process. If requirements change, easily spot non-compliant units highlighted in grey for quick adjustments.

Smart copy & paste

Managing identical units has never been easier- with the ability to paste plans into multiple units at once, with the proper orientation automatically detected.

Design with confidence with the timeline

Our latest history feature allows you to revert to earlier versions of your work within seconds, ensuring seamless exploration and retrieval of past iterations.

October 2023

We have now released Generate Floor Plate 2.0!

Check out the new features included here.


Quickly mirror objects to cut your editing time in half.


Toggle dimensions on and off using shorcut "d".

September 2023

Chat feature

You can now chat with us directly inside of Finch, making it even easier to get quick tips and your questions answered.

Generate for daylight

You can now sort plan generation results according to daylight access.

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