Share and Present

1. Share specific variants

  • On the Project Overview page, right click on the three dot menu of a variant and Share.

  • Input the email address of the person you would like to share the variant with, they will receive a link to the Presentation View.

  • Repeat for all variants you want to share.

When you share a variant with someone, they only get access to that specific variant, not all the variants within the project.

2. Present your variants

The presentation studio is a view-only interactive version of Finch. This means that all features of Finch are present except for editing capabilities (users can inspect programs, measure walls, etc, but cannot change programs or draw walls).

  • Enter the Presentation View from the Project Overview page.

  • Inside Presentation View, all variants are listed in the Variants box and graphed on the Parallel Axis Diagram. (If you are the project owner, you will see all variants here. Others will only see the variants that you have shared with them.)

  • Click through different variants to preview them and see their data highlighted on the Parallel Axis Diagram.

  • Click Present View to head into a specific variant.

  • Notice that the editing tools are disabled.

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