AI Generate Unit Plan

Currently available only for Strategic Customers of Finch AI.

1. Start the generation

  • Enter the story view.

  • Select an apartment and hit Generate Plan on the Context Menu.

  • The generation will begin to run.

If you drew your circulation cores instead of generating them, you do not have circulation space types (corridor, elevator, stairs). For better results, add a corridor space to your circulation, as the plan generator matches apartment entrances to the corridor spaces.

2. Result Datasets - Your Adaptive Plan Library

  • When generating floor plans, users are presented with two sets of results:

  • Adaptive Plan Library

    • When generating floor plans for an apartment shape, plans in your adaptive plan library that are similar will be adjusted to an extent by the finch algorithms to fit into the new apartment. These results are compiled and grouped together.

  • Finch Generated Plans

    • AI generates unique plans based on your adaptive plan library’s design style and rules. This means that if there isn’t a plan that matches from your library, Finch will generate plans similar to what you would have designed. Everything in Finch is editable, meaning that generated plans can be edited after assigning.

If you have plans in your own adaptive plan library that match the unit, those plans will appear above the Finch plans. Here, results from our demo library Acme Architects appear above the Finch plans.

As an AI user, we will build your adaptive plan library for you. It is private to your firm, and we can take plans in any format (.dwg, .pdf, .jpg, etc).

Contact for more information.

3. Filter and sort the results

  • On the parallel axis diagram, see how the plans perform across multiple metrics, click on the (i) icon to see the metric definition.

  • Filter according to bedroom / bathroom counts and dataset locations.

  • Sort according to overall score, or specific metrics such as daylight, CO2 and more.

  • Once the desired plan has been located, select Assign to Story to bake it out.

4. Edit the plan (optional)

  • After assigning, all plans can be manually edited, using the drawing tools in the upper left corner.

5. Save the new plan to your adaptive library (optional)

  • After editing, the plan can be saved as a new plan to your Adaptive Plan Library by selecting “Save to Library” at the bottom of the left panel.

Saving a plan to your library adds it to your private dataset that you will generate plans from.

6. Copy the plan into identical units

  • On the story level, select the plan you would like to copy and ctrl + c.

  • Select the unit(s) you would like to paste the plan into and ctrl + v.

These plans are now linked in a Plan group, meaning that edits in one of them will be applied to all. To remove a plan from the group, right click on the plan and select Make Unique.

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